Hello to all

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Hello to all

Post by AnnSmith » Oct 03, 2012 Views: 3017

Hi Everybody,

Hope you all are well. I posted about me here but I can't see my message. Is there anything wrong that I wanna I am writing something but that's not acceptable. Anyway, I am introducing myself again. I am Ann and it's great to be here to share and hear regarding beauty and fashion jewelry.

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Post by Rizwan » Oct 03, 2012

Hay Welcome to the forum, and have a long and nice stay.

dear says that u have a problem, u do not post a message with any link or photos or videos, Its not a problem after one weak ur profile will have to permission to post a message with photos or videos ok, Now u post only a text massage with out any link. i think u understand now

good to see u hear..
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Post by Maurice1 » Oct 05, 2012

Hey Guys

I am Muarice from Ontario, Canada. I am here to say all you hi. this is my first post and I am 22 years old. my Dream car is Ferrari Spider and I have Honda Civic 2009. I love to play game on PC. My Favorite games are BF3, MW3 GTA IV. I am here to get some knowledge about cars. I hope it would be a great time with you guys.

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Post by HAROLD1 » Nov 07, 2012

Hello Every One !!!
How are you all. I am HAROLD from United States Of America, And I am new on this forum. I think it is best way of learning and communication. So help me about this forum. I have much interested in business marketing.,

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Post by sesekshi123 » Feb 23, 2013

We at sesekshi from usa I want some idea about jewellery designing, can any one help me.
Thanks .

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Post by adamsmith3450 » Mar 24, 2013

Hello all...This is Adam Smith from California, USA. I am a new member in this forum. My hobbies are listening to music and reading books.

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Post by Mudassir » Apr 11, 2013

WelCome To Xcitefun.net

I Hope You'll Enjoy Your Stay Here...
Thanks for Joining Our Community
Have a NiCe Time...

Keep Visiting Xcitefun.net
Stay With Us and Enjoy

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Post by Denal » Jul 22, 2013

HI every one ....I ma Denal,New to this forum .
I come here to share some useful information with all of you .
Have a Good Day .

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