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Postby Rest_In_ peace » Oct 26, 2018 Views: 418

A GraVE YArd OF FeeLIngs

with Each Passing TIme

EiTher You BecOmE NO ONe .

Or YOu Hold The ONe With YOu ForevEr

Some Might Say Love IS BeautFul,ShunShine, BlooSOm in Rain . ext ...

But WHat About DeatH ... Does it HAving Feeling to Love.

iS DuniYA main PaYar Nahi Milta
JO Bik Gia IS BaZzAr Main Payera Eik BaR

Wo Phir KAbi KhaReeDAr Nahi BanTa.

Deep Thoughts ..

Lests Vanish IN the SunLIght
BeFore Everyone EYes ..

Say Yes BeFore We PaRt Ways ..

HoLD My HAnd LEts Fly to the Other Side.

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