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Post by FARHANALI2010 » Dec 01, 2010 Views: 12262

People born in
January are
; bold and alert;
February are
; lucky and loyal;
March are
;Naughty and Genius;
April are
;caring and strong;
May are
;Loving and practical;
June are
;Romanting and curious;
July are
;Adventurous and honest;
Agust are
;Active and hardworking;
September are
;Sensitive and pretty;
October are
;Stylish and friendly;
November are
;Nice and creative;
December are
;Confident and freedom loving;

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Post by chandoo » Dec 01, 2010

I am Stylish and friendly;

thanks for info.

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Post by Rizwan » Dec 02, 2010

i am bold and alert
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Post by pyroJoker » Jul 24, 2012


so I am adventurous and honest :D

Haha I like going to the wild it's fun

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Post by ansaripk » Aug 20, 2012

Hi guys,

I am addict of astrology. If you can ask me about you please send me your:

Full Name
Date of birth
City of birth
Time of birth

and i will draw your birth chart (Zaicha or Janam Kundali).
Lets see what you are going to face? :)

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Post by simmi » Oct 05, 2013

Thanks for sharing this personality reviews of all zodiac signs here. You have correct mentioned here about zodiac sign nature. I born in July, as you told that July born people are Adventurous and honest. It is absolutely true. I like adventure in life and like to do adventurous activity with my friends. I believe to predict my future and other things by vedic astrology. Astrology predict perfectly about nature and personality of person.

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