Tutti Frutti Eggless Sponge Cake

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Tutti Frutti Eggless Sponge Cake

Post by being lonely » Jan 19, 2016 Views: 12090

All purpose flour 1 cup + 2 tbsp
Powdered sugar ½ cup
Milk powder 1 cup
Milk 1 cup
Unsalted butter ¾ cup (at room temperature)
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Salt ½ tsp
Tutti frutti ½ cup

Directions for Cake Batter

Mix together flour and salt in a bowl.
In another bowl beat butter, sugar and milk powder until creamy.
Add milk and vanilla in the creamy texture and combine.
While mixing add flour in two badges and combine until no traces of flour remain.
At the end add tutti frutti and mix.
Pour batter in a greased cake pan.
Preheat oven 10 minutes on 180c and then bake batter on 340c for 30-40 minutes.

Mai ap apni moat ki tyaarion mai hon..!!!
Meray khilaaf apki Saazish fazool hai..!!!

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Post by shobhituva » Jun 14, 2016

I am gonna try this next weekend...thanks buddy for sharing this recipe and that without eggs...

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Post by JemmaRosalind » Sep 03, 2016

YuMmMmMmMmMmMmMmy........its really very delicious...........................i tried last night

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