Tricks for all types of make-up

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Tricks for all types of make-up

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Make-Up Tricks

* For LARGER EYES try lining the inner upper and lower eyelids with a white eye pencil. * Applying BLUSH on the "apples of the cheeks" makes the face look wider.

* Keep your liquid FOUNDATION in the refridgerator if it\'s not used on a daily basis.

* Green eyeshadows used on eyes will draw attention to any under eye DARK CIRCLES.

* Try a navy eyeliner on BROWN EYES.

The following can contribute to SKIN BREAKOUTS (blemishes):
Frequent travel--ie flight attendants.
Dipping fingers into cosmetics--bacteria alert!
Using the other person\'s cosmetics.
Neglecting to frequently wash your personal make-up sponges and brushes.
Fried foods and chocolate.
Hormonal changes--adolesence or pregnancy.
Men shaving too often.
Using \"old\" cosmetics.
Using moisturizers that are too heavy for your skin type.
A poor skin care regimen.

* Try a BACK FACIAL. (Especially if you are prone to blemishes/acne on your back).
* Try THE DRY SPONGE for the fight against cellulite and a SLIMMER LOOKING BODY.
* If your SKIN IS OILY, try using a blotting powder instead of a pressed powder.
* Warmed up olive oil is very nourishing for the NAIL CUTICLES.
* Avoid waterproof mascaras, whenever possible, as they are drying to the LASHES. Try a waterproof eyeliner to line the eyes and a brow gel on your lashes. How about lash tinting?
* Using a toothbrush gently brush your LIPS every night with a mild facial scrub. Not only does this method help with the dryness but it also stimulates the blood flow on the lips for a more natural healthy lip colour.

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