Stop binge eating during iftar

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Stop binge eating during iftar

Post by being lonely » Jun 26, 2015 Views: 2650

Since this isn’t what Ramazan is all about, here’s how to avoid over-eating during iftari.

1. Think of the purpose
Ramazan is all about practicing restraint, committing to good habits, providing and sharing with the less fortunate and more. Setting personal targets to achieve by the end of the month help one focus on more than the dinner table and keep the food longings in check.

2. Sleep on time
If you want your brain to win the battle between the brain and the belly, sleep on time! Not getting enough sleep can affect the ability of certain hormones which maintain the body’s caloric requirement to function improperly thus, causing excessive eating

3. Hydrate
Our bodies often confuse thirst with hunger, making us reach for a snack when we really need to reach for a glass of water. Make a mental note to have at least two glasses of water at sehri to avoid the excessive hunger around iftari time.

4. Eat Mindfully
Eating too fast barricades the signals from the digestive system indicating that you are full and you end up eating way more than the body’s requirement. Therefore eat slowly savoring every bite.

5. Think charity
Get involved in social initiatives during Ramazan; helping people out, giving to charities and other acts of giving which can be spiritually fulfilling and keep the mind in check.

6. Spend time with family
Ramazan is a beautiful time to spend with family and focusing on mending and strengthening relationships. Organising iftaris and sharing food is a wonderful way to go.
Mai ap apni moat ki tyaarion mai hon..!!!
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