Simple Layered Hair Styles For Men And Women

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Simple Layered Hair Styles For Men And Women

Post by natasha » Sep 16, 2007 Views: 1152

Layered hair styles tend to work with most hair textures, lengths, and can add simple style to otherwise unflattering hair. They are not gender specific and are fairly easy to manage. Any low maintenance hair style is always a bonus. While long straight hair is the easiest to bring to life with a layered hair style, even “bigâ€Â￾ hair or curly hair can benefit, often being trimmed down to a more manageable size once it has been layered.

Men with layered hair styles often find that they simple wash, towel dry, comb, and go. Women with layered hair style often find that they have to spend less time on their hair overall, some with the same convenience factors for men.

Fortunately, most layered hair styles can be around for many years, and it’s not dependent of fads or the “inâ€Â￾ thing to do. A good hair style that works with a person’s facial features and personality is one worth keeping and it is always frustration when a fad that worked well has gone by the wayside. A good simple layering can often last for as long as the owner of the hair is inclined to keep it.

Layered hair styles tend to add volume to flat hair, reduce volume in wild hair, and add a bit of texturing. There’s no need to go to extremes, just simply a few layers to add the intention of the style and a trim every six to eight weeks to keep it from getting shaggy. Growing out a layered hair style is not all that difficult either, although for significant layering, a few trips to the scissors may be required simply to even things up from time to time.

Layers can either soften the appearance of the hair or they can actually add a lagged rough edge for a more edgy appearance. Which direction you choose to go is really dependent on the variations within your face, hair, the color and texture of your hair, and your personality. Sometimes, the perfect layered look on your best friend is going to look ridiculous on you, or vice versa. So rather than set your heart on one perfect style, gather a few general ideas and take them to your trusted stylist. Don’t have a trusted stylist? Then either ask around (your best friend with the great layers is probably a good resource) or bring a second pair of eyes with you that you know will tell you straight whether the plan in motion is working or not. It’s usually not recommended to go too drastic unless you have a previous relationship with a hair stylist.

Communication is the key to receiving an excellent layered hair style when visiting the stylist. Photos and a genuine conversation, as well as being open to his or her opinion, is the starting point to finding an awesome layered look. Simply looking around at the layered hair styles which catch your attention should give you an idea of what you’re thinking for yourself, but never argue too heavily with a professional stylist. The process of coming up with an awesome layered hair style that works for you requires input from each of you and a solid understanding before the first snip of hair hits the floor.

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