Short Hairstyle that suits your lifestyle and personality

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Short Hairstyle that suits your lifestyle and personality

Post by natasha » Sep 16, 2007 Views: 1113

Most people agree that having a good hair day can do much to improve your mood and confidence. Many complain however, that those good hair days are so very rare! Having the right hairstyle can no doubt increase the odds and make life much easier.

A well-cut short hairstyle can draw the eye to your best features and make you feel and act sexy and full of confidence. Add to that the numerous styles one can experiment with, using styling products effectively, and it is obvious why more women opt for short hair. Because it is easy to maintain and work well on different types of hair, short hairstyles have been fashionable the last few decades and will be for decades to come.

Different factors play a role in determining which style would suit you best. Whether you opt for pixie, shaggy, bob, pageboy or any other short style it is important to take the texture of your hair, shape of your face and lifestyle into consideration.

Knowing what type of face you have can make choosing a flattering short hairstyle much easier. By using a photo where you look straight at the camera and cutting out your face, you can quite easily determine the shape.

If you are one of those lucky individuals with an oval face, you can wear anything from pixie to sleek with a center parting. Hair swept back from the face will enhance and bring out your features. Extra heavy bangs that cover your features should be avoided.

A style that is slightly longer than the chin, shaped and softened around the edges, flatters a square face. This gives the illusion of length to your face. Hair should not be cut shorter than, or in line with the chin, as this would make the face appear squarer. Avoid center partings and straight bangs.

For someone with a heart shaped face balance between the forehead and chin is very important. Layered hair shaped along the face near the chin, thick at the bottom and with layered bangs will provide fullness where needed. Straight styles, which cling to the face, would accentuate the narrow jaw line and is not recommended.

To create a slimming effect to a round face some volume at the top is necessary. Layered in a shaggy style at the crown and longer than the chin, will add length to your face. Spiky hair is unfortunately not suitable for a round face.

Although each season brings new variations, the bob is truly a timeless hairstyle. Straight hair with fine to medium texture looks great in a bob. Flattering for oval and heart shaped faces, people with round or square faces should rather think twice.

There are plenty of exciting short hairstyles out there that will suit you. The secret is to find a good stylist who will be honest with you and who can suggest appropriate styles considering the shape of your face, hair type and lifestyle. You should leave the salon with a song in your heart, feeling sexy and filled with confidence. Let your stylist show you techniques to create the salon look at home. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Finding the short hairstyle that suits your lifestyle and personality can go a long way to making all your days good hair days!

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