Short Hairstyle For Any Face

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Short Hairstyle For Any Face

Post by natasha » Sep 16, 2007 Views: 1235

The short hairstyle is one that is both vogue and chic. Both young women and mature women are finding homage in the elegance and sophistication of short hair, not to mention to convenience and ease of maintenance that comes with an outrageously short cut. The shorter haircut is also known to take ages of the face and add youth to one’s bounce, hence its popularity among trendy and fashionable older women.

One does not simply just decide to style one’s hair short though. Careful thought and consideration is usually given to the final effect of the short cut with regard to the individual woman – not everyone would look like Haley Berry or Angela Jolie in a short cut! The shape of one’s face and bone structure has a lot to do with the outcome of a short hairstyle on that person.

For the woman with the round or oval face, one would suggest a bob cut that is graded to the sides to take away the volumes at the sides of the face while adding volume to the top of the head with tousled or unkempt waves. This would create a slimming effect for the face. For the long face however, one would want to stay away from short cuts completely as these are bound to add more height to an already long face. Square faces and heart-shaped faces are the best faces for a short cut, although generally soft bangs are suggested as opposed to severe straight bangs.

Another thing that one has to consider before taking the short cut is the type of hair that one has. While it may be one thing to say shoulder length layers is a good style for you, if you have wavy hair then chances are that upon cutting you would end up with a mess of untamable hair at the top of your head! Remember that when you have naturally long hair, the weight of the hair often reduces the level of curling or waves that you might get. It is very easy therefore to misjudge the effect of cutting a long hair.

Once you do decide to proceed with the ultimate cut however, you need to decide on the type of cut that you want. The layered haircut is one of the most complimentary haircuts that would highlight just about any type of face on any type of woman. It is in fact one of the most popular looks for the short cut that the celebrities in Hollywood show off.

The second most popular short haircuts among the Hollywood celebrities is the bob haircut. The bob haircut has in fact evolved to be one of the most versatile haircuts, for it also takes advantages of other techniques in its cut. Off the most popular hairstyle used in combination with the bob haircut is the layered haircut to give an end result that is the best of both worlds.

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