Predictions For 2008…Stranger Things Have To Happened

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Predictions For 2008…Stranger Things Have To Happened

Post by sheeza » Dec 31, 2007 Views: 9375

A look at possible weird and wonderful things that might happen in 2008.

Lord Lucan will reappear. Having seen the warm welcome John Darwin received when he returned from ‘the dead’, Lord Lucan (who may now look like this) will put an end to the countless theories surrounding his existence and whereabouts by strolling into a West London police station and asking if anyone’s been looking for him.

A summer will pass without football-related violence. There may be a major international football tournament taking place in the summer of 2008 but it doesn’t concern any of the home nations. Town centres will be filled with happy shoppers rather than drunken louts.

Gordon Brown and David Cameron will become firm friends. The political heavyweights will put aside their differences, start playing dominoes together on a weekly basis and form a strong friendship.

Britney will be named mum of the year. The Toxic singer starts to see the errors of her ways and ditches her partying lifestyle in favour of a more home / family-orientated existence. She is rewarded by readers of glossy mags, who vote her as celebrity mother of the year.

Steps to make a comeback. Having watched Take That and the Spice Girls make successful comebacks, Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer, H, Lee and Claire (better known as Steps) could decide it’s high time they turned the clocks back and made a comeback of their own. Heaven help us.

Prince Harry to get engaged. Harry will beat brother William and become the first of the young princes to get engaged. Given Harry’s relationship with Chelsy Davy has reportedly been on the rocks, the identity of the bride to be could come as a complete surprise. You wouldn’t put it past him.

Steve McClaren will become Scotland’s new football manager. While the FA were extremely quick to fill McClaren’s boots by appointing Fabio Capello, the Scottish Football Association has taken a wee while longer to find a replacement for Alex McLeish. Could it be possible for McClaren to be that person?

Lewis Hamilton will go one better and win the Formula One drivers’ championship. He nearly achieved it in his debut season but was pipped at the post. As a result, Lewis Hamilton will come back stronger and more determined in his second full season and he will take some stopping. The smart money has to be on the youngster winning the first of many world titles in what promises to be a great career.

Same Difference to have a number one hit. The uber-cheesy brother and sister group that finished third in the X-Factor promised that we hadn’t seen the last of them when they were voted off the show. Although many people probably hoped they would never set eyes on Sean and Sarah Smith ever again, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they released a pop tune with as much musical credibility as the Mr Blobby song or the Teletubbies single. Sadly, it would probably reach number one as there clearly is an audience out there that adores the pair from Portsmouth.

Global warming turns out to be nothing but a vicious rumour. Just as everybody was starting to appreciate the gravity of the climate change crisis, leading scientists will reveal that they are actually wrong and mankind is not harming the environment in any shape or form. The news is widely welcomed across the globe and polar bears put on the party of the century to celebrate.

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