Phenomenol Size of Qaum-e-Aad

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Phenomenol Size of Qaum-e-Aad

Post by awais » Jul 26, 2010 Views: 34153

Phenomenol Size of Qaum-e-Aad

Recent gas exploration activity in the south east region of the
Arabian desert uncovered a skeletal remains of a human of phenomenal
size. This region of the Arabian Desert is called the Empty Quarter , or in
Arabic, 'Rab-Ul-Khalee'. The discovery was made by the Aramco
Exploration team. As Allah states in the Quran that He had created people
of phenomenal size the like of which He has not created since. These were
the people of Aad where Prophet HUD was sent. They were very tall, big,
and very powerful, such that they could put their arms around a tree
trunk and uproot it. Later these people, who were given all the power,
turned against Allah and the Prophet and transgressed beyond all
boundaries set by Allah. As a result they were destroyed. Ulema's of
Saudi Arabia believe these to be the remains of the people of Aad. Saudi
Military has secured the whole area and no one is allowed to enter except
the ARAMCO personnel. See the attachment and note the size of the two
men standing in the picture in comparison to the size of the skeleton.

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Post by Rizwan » Jul 27, 2010

o my god
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Post by yashiro's echo » Nov 30, 2013

this giant skeleton remind of me dinosau age, now i don't doubt they both existed

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Post by rabiaanum » May 17, 2016

Very Stange and lesson ful

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Post by madihakhan » May 25, 2016

ohh man they were so tall :O

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