Pamper your footsies!

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Pamper your footsies!

Post by mariakhan » May 22, 2007 Views: 4006

1) Remove old polish, and trim if necessary, straight across
and never cut on a curve. That is the single most reason for
ingrown toenails. Do not cut the nails too short or tear
a toenail that has ripped. Use a pedicure nail clipper for
the best results.

2) Soak your feet in a tub of warm water or while you are
taking a bath. On days that are hot and your feet feel tired,
grab a tub with cold water and put your feet right in there.
A few drops of tea tree oil will help kill fungus and if you
add a few drops of essential oils, you'll get an aromatherapy
foot soak.

3) A metal nipper utensil can be used to remove any dead
cuticles from around the nail. Never cut into the cuticle. Use
an orangewood stick dipped in cuticle oil to gently push the
cuticles back.

4) Exfoliate the heels and all rough spots. Don't forget the
toes and the balls of the feet. A pumice stone or foot paddle
works great. If you don't have one, you can use a body scrub
that has pumice, sand, or sloughing beads in them. Always
"file" the feet wet. If you don't have andy scrubs available,
take your body wash and add some salt to it.

5) Soak the feet again after all of the above steps and rub
a thick moisturizer on the feet. Take some time here massaging
the lotion or cream into the foot. Apply a firm pressure while
massaging the feet, toes, balls of the feet and ankles.

Apply moisturizer every day in between your pedicures and your
feet will feel better and look better...

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