Nail care Tips how to care nails most helpful 5 tips

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Nail care Tips how to care nails most helpful 5 tips

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How to care Nails in home made tips

"Take your time removing old nail polish. If it’s a bright shade (red, bright pink, black), place the cotton round dipped in nail polish remover on the nail and wait for 5 seconds before removing – it will come off faster and easier.
After removing nail polish shape your nails. The fingernails should be filed into oval tips. Begin on the left hand with the little finger and work towards the thumb. File each fingernail from the corner to the center, going from right to left and then from left to right.
Soak or dip your fingers in soapy water to soften your cuticles and then remove them lightly.
Gently loosen the cuticle with an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher. Keep the cuticle moist while working. Wash gently and dry.
Sometimes it is necessary to remove dead cuticle or hangnails with small scissors or cuticle nippers. Be very careful when you do this.
Avoid excessive use of nail polish and nail polish remover containing acetone"

Most helpful tips ..I hope you like and care nails ..All Nails problems solution in which 5 tips..... :D
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