Make any Folder INVISIBLE in Windows XP

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Make any Folder INVISIBLE in Windows XP

Post by ar » Jun 09, 2007 Views: 33402

Have you ever wondered, how can you make a folder invisible without even using any kind of softwares in windows XP?
Well, here is the answer to that. It is very much possible and Windows will help us in doing this.
How? Lets see the answer

1. Create any new Folder.
2. Right click and go to Rename, remove the content, press “Altâ€ÂÂ￾ and type “0160″. The Folder name would become NIL.
3. Now go on to the properties of the folder and click “Customizeâ€ÂÂ￾, and click “Change Iconâ€ÂÂ￾.
4. Here you will find some icons without any kind of images.
5. Select any of these images and click “OKâ€ÂÂ￾. You will now see that your folder is now invisible.
If you will select it then it will be shown like this.

But in a normal manner when you will open your Drive/Folder, it will be Invisible.


Hello Dear

Post by AhlanDubai » Jun 30, 2007

I make changes according to u but the folder name is visiable as 160, can u please tell me why its happend, When i press ALt + type 0160 Ok press OK, there is a message You must type a name, and When i press Alt then leave the key and type 0160 the folder name is " 160" and is visible. Waiting for u reply. Take Care. Bye



Post by sanjog_p » Jul 01, 2007

Hey its working @ my place

thanx dude..



Re: Hello Dear

Post by M_Yasin » Jul 01, 2007

Because when we write numerics with Alt key combination this no more character for computer this is ASCII code. A symbolic language for computer and Alt+0160 is ASCII code for blank space .


attn: Ahlan Duabi

Post by basitkhan » Jul 02, 2007

u follow these steps.
1 press n hold ALT key
now keep pressing n type 0160 thn
release the alt button dont press any other button


Post by Guest » Jul 10, 2007

thanks a lot i have learned. could you help me on how the folder could not be accessed?


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Post by grizzy_projectw » Jul 11, 2007

Dear Friends,

I think there is no kind of built-in facility which allows user to protect a folder into windows xp so guys we need to use extra application installed on our machine of the good application is in mind right now witch is called folder lock. You may have it from .


[email protected]

Re: Make any Folder INVISIBLE in Windows XP

Post by [email protected] » Aug 07, 2007

if i press "ALT" n type 0106 i just see alphabet j in my folder name :shock:


i don't get the exact thing which u have written tell m....

Post by ashish..... » Aug 08, 2007

i don't get the exact thing which u have written tell m....
i did the same But my folder remains same...can help m to hide the folder like in the way email id is
""[email protected]""


Post by yutee » Aug 08, 2007

i have tried but i did not succeed...

after right click, select rename, and in change mode position...
while i press n keep holding the ALT key, n i type number 0060, the key tone (rejected) sounds, and no results, the name is still the same and visible...

please help... thx

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