[TuT]Get Thousands of FB/Twitter and manymore followers[TuT]

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[TuT]Get Thousands of FB/Twitter and manymore followers[TuT]

Postby sharoz khan » Feb 02, 2013 Views: 3318

What is AddMeFast?

AddMeFast is a network that will help you grow your social presence. We allow you to look and choose who you want to like/subscribe/follow/view and skip those who you are not interested in.

This means that you can get the following:
Facebook Post/Photo Likes; Subscribers; Shares
Twitter Followers/Tweets/Re-tweets/Favorite
YouTube Views/Channel Subscribe/Video likes
Pinterest Followers
Google Circles
Instagram Followers
Website hits
...and many many more!

So how do you use AddMeFast to get all the popularity? You need points. This tutorial will teach you how to get THOUSANDS of points into your account DAILY without doing anything!

What you will need:
All you need is 5 minutes!
2)FireFox imacros plugin
3)AddMeFast Account.
4)iMacros scripts [Version 1.7 31/01/13]
wrote:Download @ ge.tt
RAR password: sharozkhan
Script coded by hackers of my community
Do post your success results, really appreciate if you could post on this thread. All it takes is just 1 minute for you, to thank the hours of hardwork for mine.

Setting up:
3 simple steps and you're done! ;)

1)After you're done with getting Firefox and iMacros plugin, go to C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\iMacros\Macros and extract the 9 scripts in scripts.rar there.
TuTGet Thousands of FBTwitter and manymore followersTuT

2)Open your Firefox and open iMacros, you should see 9 scripts on the left iMacros pannel. You're almost done setting up ;)
TuTGet Thousands of FBTwitter and manymore followersTuT

3)Simply create a junk Facebook/Youtube account, and ensure that you're logged in whenever you visit the Facebook/Youtube, then select any of the script you prefer, and set loop from 1 to 99 and click 'Play (loop)', wait for 10 minutes and if points are increasing, you're doing it right.
TuTGet Thousands of FBTwitter and manymore followersTuT

Tips to maximize points earnings:

1)Always make a new trash YouTube/Facebook account once in awhile(Every 3 days for me), this way you will be able to avoid liking those things that you already liked.
2)Open multiple windows of Firefox, each running a different script.
3)Whenever the script is being ran, take 10 minutes to ensure that you're earning points before you leave it to autopilot.
4)Collect Daily Bonus of 50 Points by completing 10 offers.Bonus page


Q: Is there any risk of getting my AddMeFast account banned?
A: Doubt so, used this method for almost 4 months without facing any trouble.

Q: I'm getting an error saying I'm closing tabs too fast!
A: This occurs when there is an error, which might be caused by the person you're liking/following as he did not enable them on his account settings. If this error continues for 5 minutes and you gain absolutely no points, check if it's a problem on your side (If you didn't log in Fb or something). If problem still persist, try a different script.

Q: Is there any risk of getting my account on the social network I'm adding followers/subscribers/likes on to be banned?
A: Same as the 1st question, I doubt you will get into any trouble. AddMeFast uses https://anonymgoto.com/ so Facebook/Twitter/YT and more wouldn't know where are the followers/likes/subscribers coming from, so no worries.

End of Guide & My Comments

For easier and faster likes boost for Facebook albums/post/pictures, visit ME and follow the instructions there!

Post your FeedBack if you like my thread

If the guide did help you to get lots of AddMeFast points easily, do post your feedback and even better, screenshots! If you have any interesting tips/ideas to maximize earning of points, do share too! :)

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