Fashion Tricks..!

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Fashion Tricks..!

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Looking sexy and gorgeous is a matter of knowing your body, knowing what to wear and how to wear right kind of clothes. Dressing up is an art and if you can master this art then you can be on top of the world. The important thing about dressing right is you should look slim and tall in whatever you wear, no matter what your weight is. Even fat women can look slim if they know the tricks of fashion. Learn how to camouflage your weight with proper dressing. Following are the tips that will make you look gorgeous, elegant and stunning!!

~Pick one hue. Dressing head-to-toe in a single dark color, like navy or black, is the single best way to look like you've lost 10 pounds.
~Skip large patterns. Smaller patterns fool the eye and make for a more delicate look. And whatever you do, don't wear patterns on top and bottom -- that'll add 10 pounds.
~Slip on the right length skirt. Stick to just-above-the-knee skirts that play off knees and elongate legs. Avoid a midcalf skirt, which draws attention to the widest part of your legs, making them look heavier.
~Ditch shorts. Capris, on the other hand, are surprisingly slimming, especially if you stick to dark denim or black and wear ones that aren't too short or too long. They should end at the least-wide part of your calves, ideally a few inches above the ankle.
~Wear a sexy tee. V-neck and deep scoop-neck tees elongate the neck and make the torso appear longer by showing off your collarbone.
~Go vertical. Thin vertical stripes on anything -- pants, shirts, skirts, dresses -- create the illusion of a longer, leaner body.
~Slim down with color. Hot summer hues like pink and yellow catch the eye and are good for body parts you want to play up. Pair them with black, brown or navy -- dark colors recede and are best for areas that you'd like to draw the eye away from.
~Pull out that A-line dress. A gently flared A-line cut is universally flattering and hides large hips.
~Pick the perfect jeans. Look for a pair that sits lower on your waist. And go for boot cut -- the slight flare fits over sandals and will give you longer, lankier legs.
~Wear your pants on the longer side, so they break over the middle of the foot.
~Sport three-inch heels. High heels give you a thinner profile and silhouette.
~Avoid ankle-strap sandals. The more of your leg and the top of your foot you show, the longer your leg line will appear.
~Pick a well-proportioned purse. Petite women look sexiest with smaller bags, while large women look best with medium-size purses.
~Score face-slimming shades. If your face is on the full side, wide rectangular-frame sunglasses give you a sleeker look.
~Think long jewelry. Long, skinny earrings and sleek pendant necklaces elongate and slim the face and body with their vertical lines.
~Wear bangles. Skinny bangles or a bracelet-style watch make your arms look thinner by creating space around your wrist, which fools the eye, making you look slim.
~Pick the right part. Opt for a side part -- a center part makes your face look round. A good rule of thumb to find the most flattering, face-slimming part: Use the arch of your eyebrow as a guide. Start the part above the arch and go back from there in a straight line.
~Skip bangs. Or sweep them to the side if you have a round or square face. A bare forehead lengthens and slims the face.
~Pull your hair back. If your neck is on the short side, pulling hair up off your neck and shoulders makes the neck look longer and upper body appear thinner.
~Add volume. Hair that lies too flat on the head makes a full face appear even bigger. A full or wavy style, on the other hand, minimizes a larger face.
~Do an updo. Building extra height at the crown of your head narrows round features and makes your face seem thinner. ~For the simplest 'do ever, twist hair into a high knot and fasten with a pretty barrette.

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