Dressing up

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Dressing up

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Dressing up consumes a lot of time because it is confusing and mind-boggling. Sometimes it is very difficult to decide upon what to wear for a particular occasion and whether what we are wearing looks good on us or not. When we are dressing ourselves, we must learn the basic principle of dressing up, and that is to keep a sense of our own personal style apparent. Otherwise, we will feel made up or unattractive, because we are trying to duplicate someone else's look, instead of learning to develop our own sense of style that best suits our body frame, clothing preferences and personality.

To know what type of dress and what style will look great on you first and foremost you have to know your body shape so that you are able to choose your dressing style appropriately. Following listed are the various body shapes along with their characteristics and best style suited for them. So evaluate your body shape and just follow the basic rules of dressing up and remember to create good balance from top to bottom.

A-Frame Dressing up An A-frame body is one, which is narrower at the top half and wider at the lower hip and upper thigh area. The legs are usually heavier and shorter and weight gain is mostly in the upper thighs. Women with this kind of body shape should make their body look proportionate by widening the shoulders. It can be achieved by choosing garments with shoulder pads or sleeve detailing.

V-Frame Dressing up A V-frame body is one, which is wider at the bust and the shoulders appear to be wider than the hips. Bust is usually large with a shorter torso and high waist. The legs appear thin and the tummy becomes more prominent than the whole body. This frame should be balanced by widening the hip and upper leg area. Choosing garments that have width and fullness in the skirt or pants.

H-Frame Dressing up A H-frame body appears to be straight up and down. The legs are longer and thighs and belly are usually flat. The bust is average to large and weight gain is usually through the middle. This frame should be balanced by creating the illusion of a smaller waist. This can be accomplished by choosing either a bloused garment with a flared skirt and belted waist, or a straight garment like a chemise dress.

8-Frame Dressing up 8-frame figure is the perfect figure and it is perfectly balanced figure. Bust is full; waist is small, with average length and hips are perfectly shaped. The whole body is perfectly balanced and weight gain is distributed evenly. This frame should emphasize the waist and avoid cluttering the figure with lots of clothes and layering. Choose garments that fit the body and identify the waist.

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