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I am BroKen InTO MIllION PIeCeS ... UnAble To Un Tangle WhAt
HAs BeeN My DownfAll ..I tHouGht You CaRe .. .. .. This Is It .. Get Ready _ So
YOu Try To eRase Me .. Was I That Easy to Replace.. TIme for VenGances.
I WanA Tell You A SeCerT. i MAde a COmmitment Not To GO aStRy Again. The Voices
IN MY Head StoppED . We Are On The SaMe SIde NOw. Its YOu Who will BEg.. FOr A BreAth
YoU THought I Was That EAsY To LEt Go.. Well Its You Who Will Be TakIng tHe LasT BreAth..
ANd me Well LEts DeaTh Do Us APart.YOur time Has Arrived.

Those Who Fall Down .. SOmetime They DOnt HAve Choice .. And the choice They MAKe.
Is A voIce That Tell Them Go To ANy Level to Take What belongS to YOu. Are YOu Listing .. Reading ..

OKay This PiEce Was WRittin To me By MY So caLLed Ex.. NEed YOure Advice .. How to Deal with it ..

I aM SleePIng WitH One Eye Open And A Knife NExt To Me .

ReSt_ IN _ Peace..

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