Break XP admin Password without Any Software

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Break XP admin Password without Any Software

Post by Cyra » Aug 27, 2010 Views: 41851

hello frnds i have a nice tip for you. it is about how you can break a password. even you can break a admin password. this is only for XP window.

1) koe bootable CD lay kr computer ko CDROM say boot karain
2) jab ap ka computer CD say boot ho jay aik command permit aye ga ap k samnay. wahan ye command same lekhain.
C: ( is k bad enter press karain)
copy c:/windows/repair/sam c:/windows/system32/congig
jab ye command likh k enter press kar dain gay to ALt+Ctrl+Delete press kar k computer restart kar dain.
:lol: :lol: :lol: computer k sab passwords delete ho jayen gay..

"sam aur c:/" k mid mai aik space zaroor daine hai.

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Post by Cyra » Aug 27, 2010

kuch log jo ko cd boot karna nahe ata wo ye kahain gay k "cd se boot kare to command promot kaha ata hai"
to un k liye additional tip hai.
jab b hum koe bootable cd ya 98 ke bootable CD cdrom mai daltay hain to 2 options hamaray samnay ataay hain
1) boot from hard disk
2) boo from CD ROM

ap 2nd option ko select kar k enter press kar k bad 3 options ayen gay.
un mai say wo option select kar dain js mai lekha ho "Boot with CD Rom support"
jab ap es par enter karain gay tab ap k samnay command permit aye ga.

kuch bootable CDs mai menue bana hota hai, es mai ap simply ess manu ko select karin jis par DOS lekha ho..
:) :)

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Post by ujala » Aug 27, 2010

Teto tm to buht genius ho buddy

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Post by arslan » Aug 27, 2010

hmm achay hain pe khas nahin
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Post by chandoo » Aug 27, 2010

expire trick, too old not working anymore.

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Post by t3rmin4t0r » Sep 11, 2010

Umm nice explanation But I would like to introduce you with the another very simple Trick to Break User Accounts passwords..
remember: This trick is only to break passwords if the "Administrator" Account of the system not protected with any password..

Alyt, so here we goes with the trick-

Simply Start your system. I am supposing the Operating system is "Windows XP"

Now the "Login Window" will be appear .. That will have a textbox to enter the Password..

You just need to press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" key twice speedly..
-now what will happen? The Login window will be changed ...and another textbox of "Enter Username" will be appear..

In that textbox you need to write username as: "Administrator"
Press ENTER key...

That's it.. you will be in the Administrator Account..

Now suppose you want to break another user's password with the administrator account in which you have recently entered..

Press "Window+R" key to Open "RUN" window..
Type the following command exactly i am telling you:


Note: Yash is the username of the another account which password you want to crack..

Now A command prompt will be appear and will ask to enter New password..

Jus press ENTER key twice..

That's it the password of the "Yash" username will be empty..

-Thanks for Reading this article..

www . t3rmin4t0rz . com 8)

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sharoz khan
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Post by sharoz khan » Jan 22, 2011

after the boot no need to do anything the password will b automaticaly breaked.

and t3rmin4t0r`s trick will not be applicable only if u are using administrator account. if ur administrator account gets locked thn this trick will not b applicable

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Post by Elaptops4review » Mar 15, 2011

Great one!!!!....
This forum is super duper hit.

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Post by Mudassir » Mar 15, 2011


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Post by umairh » Apr 26, 2014

Most Simple Way to Crack Windows XP All Passwords include Administration Account.

How to break Windows Xp Password without using CD Room
1. Start Computer And then Press F8 Key Continuously.
2. Select Command Prompt only
3. Go to Windows Partition Mostly it will be C:
4. copy c:/windows/repair/sam c:/windows/system32/congig
5. After that Restart your computer by Pressing ALt+Ctrl+Delete

Best Regards

Umair Hussain :D

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