Ballerina Flats

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Ballerina Flats

Post by mariakhan » Sep 13, 2007 Views: 1300

As far as womens' footwear is concerned, no trend is as hot as ballerina flats at the moment.

These trendy little pairs have taken over runways across the world and their innocent, dainty looks are a big hit with the fairer sex. Moreover, they're a far more comfy option than wedge heels and platforms, which are also 'in' right now.

Available in practically every hue under the sun from parakeet green to fuschia pink, ballerina flats put a pretty spin on any casual outfit.

The best part about these babies, though, is the price -- you can spend as little as Rs 250 on a pair from a local shoe store, or splurge out Rs 2000 and above on designer ones.

And where can you buy yourself these ballet-inspired shoes? The answer is everywhere -- every shoe shop worth its salt is selling these at the moment.

In Mumbai, depending upon your budget, you can visit the roadside sellers at Linking Road or Hill Road in Bandra, trendy shoestores like Catwalk at Kemps Corner, or then designer brands like Aldo and Nine West in the city's leading malls -- it all depends upon your budget.

And here's a tip -- if you're going in for just one pair, make sure that you pick a basic colour, like the pretty sand-coloured suede shoe you see in the picture. The lemon yellows and royal purples may be more eye-catching, but stop to think about how many clothes and accessories you own in those colours -- these, on the other hand, will go with practically any outfit.

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