Angel Trumpet Flower (Deadly Flower)

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Angel Trumpet Flower (Deadly Flower)

Post by being lonely » Sep 24, 2015 Views: 5906

People love Angel's Trumpet. The flowers are attractive, and very fragrant. While you may think of Angel's Trumpet as a tree, it is really a flowering shrub. Most people view it as a tree, because the recommended way to grow it for maximum blooms, is in the form of a tree. Another name of the plant is "Trumpet of Death".

A Highly Toxic Plant
Angel's Trumpet is a member of the Nightshade family. It includes tomatoes, potatoes, and petunias. All parts of the plant are toxic. It is recommended that gardeners use gloves when working with this plant.

Historically, it has been used as a hallucinogenic drug. It is a dangerous drug, that has caused many deaths, especially from teenagers experimenting with it after hearing rumors about it's hallucinogenic powers. It is most often ingested in the form of a tea.

If you have children or pets, we highly recommend you seriously consider the risks before growing this plant.

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