A True Story; Martyrs

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A True Story; Martyrs

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That was the beautiful day of her life, the day when the Raj Kumar of her dreams came on Buggy and she had to go with her, leaving behind her family, friend, memories and all that which she got from her parents’ home.

She was the daughter of a Martyr. Her father was Captain in Army.
Since childhood she was well aware of the routine of army people but she loved as she believed that her father sacrificed his life to save hundreds of lives. Today she was going to be the wife of Captain Khan.

Shehryar was her first Cousin, they played together in their childhood, used to go school together, she remembered the time when once her Payal was lost and Sheri found it for her…..She was lost in all these thoughts while standing before the picture of her father, though today her father is not present physically but she believes that he is with them as our religion tells that “Martyr never dies: they are aliveâ€￾.

Suddenly a voice went through her earsâ€￾ Barat A gae , Barat A Gae , Dulha Bugee per aya hai,Masha Allah Khubsurat lag raha hai……â€￾A voice of Shehnai was echoing in the heights of air. An unknown smile came to her lips, her joy knew no bounds. She stepped slowly and saw herself in mirror. She was looking gorgeous and adored herself in the same way as Sheri liked. She was very happy today, though it was purely arranged marriage but they both have developed a strong liking for each other.

The time of Nikah came, she gave her consent by saying “Qabool Hai, Qabool Hai, Qabool Haiâ€￾Her friends were teasing her and were singing songs of her farewell. This brought moisture in her eyes but this is the ultimate truth, every girl has to leave her Babul ka Angna and has to set off for Piya Dais. This is the fate of every girl and so was her turn today.

At the time of Rukhsati , she embraced her mother as if someone is being departed forcefully but again, had to start new life. Now she was in Doli moving towards her next destination…….As she reached, a red Carpet Welcome was waiting for her. She was taken to her new room which was well decorated with fresh red Roses. She thanked to her Creator as for what she prayed she was blessed by it.

Tonight was her Suhaag Raat. Suddenly the door opened and Captain Shereyar entered, dressed in black Sherwani having golden embroidery upon it, a perfect personality, having fair complexion and sharp features with thick black French cut beard. He looked stunning to her that she lowered her eyes. He came near to her and sat on bed, quite close to her. Her heart beat was very fast now….he was looking at her without blinking his eyes…She was the true Beauty,,,,A Beauty goddess….he thought, then put his hand in his side pocket and took out a small box containing a very delicate ring. He caught her hand in his own and no sooner did he try to put the ring in her finger, the door was knocked. He got up and opened the room, a letter was delivered to him that Pakistan Army requires his services on immediate basis and his leaves have been cancelled.

Being a Loyal Pakistani, he put on his uniform and while leaving he turned back and saw her, she was having tears in her eyes but still a fragile smile came to her lips as wishing her good luck and conveying a silent message to come back soon as she will be waiting for him. He too got tears but kept silent because this was a test of his loyalty .He had to go as his Motherland, his Nation needed him, he had to defeat the enemy so he had to leave but he didn’t gather the courage to commit that he will be back soon because he was taught that when a soldier leaves for the safety of his Nation or Country then he must forget about his life. So he jumped in Jeep and set off for the Sacred Mission.
Time kept on passing, someone was waiting for him desperately, her eyes were thirsty to have a glimpse of her Love, don’t know when that Mubarak Ghari will come when her husband will come back. Today was the 17th day after his departure and the 17th day of her marriage. That day again passed with the same hope that he will come at any time but the sun of one more day set and he didn’t come.

Today night, she was not feeling sleepy and there was something which was causing her restlessness as she was sensing that something bad is going to happen or she has an unknown fear in her heart. Suddenly she listened to the voice of a Jeep which stopped at their home gate. She stood up….Yes it must be he,,, He has come,,,,her love, her life, her Sheri was back to her,,,,,Today was her Eid,,,she opened the door but her eyes caught an entirely different scene ,two solders were at the door step having Captain Shereyar’s Cap and uniform on their arms. He has sacrificed his life for Pakistan and had defeated the Enemy. They saluted their officer’s uniform, informed her that now she was the wife of a Martyr and went away.

For next some moment she was not in her senses , she found herself in some other world where everything was still , nothing was moving and she had a feeling as if everything had to come an end, someone has snatched her dearest one from her but then she listened a voiceâ€￾ He is alive, he is with her, his soul is in her , he is at far more better place that this mortal world , he is chosen one by the Almighty , he lived for others , he saved his country by sacrificing his own life , he is peerless and she is the Luckiest woman on this Earth, Daughter of Shaheed and now Wife of Shaheed…..Suddenly tears rolled down her pink cheeks but soon she wiped them out as she realized that she is the daughter and wife of strong men who never gave back before enemy and saved the country. Her father and her husband had lived their lives in true sense, she was proud of them. She loves her country and at that time she uttered with passion. Martyrs (A Tale of Pakistani Woman)…

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