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Post by CakeForCollege » Jan 30, 2014 Views: 18256

Hello Cake World,

My niece just started baking, and shes just one of those kids who are constantly on her phone or computer. So her father(my brother) and I decided for her college fund and for her entertainment we would put together a cake decorating site for her. I purchased one of these products for her to get started on her Cake Decorating Business she wants to start, Shes 15, and shes been in love with decorating since. She wants to own her own custom Cake Design company when she gets older. So when a child has a dream you have to support it, especially when the dream is reachable. theoutpostwebs(dot)com/cake So im not asking for anybody to purchase a thing, but if you have the time to comment please do so. It would mean the world to her. If you have any ideas for her or advise please share on the website. Much appreciated!!! Thanks

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Post by devidjohn » Jan 30, 2014

Love these beautiful wedding cakes. I love the way of decorating these pretty cakes for weddings. :)

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