Recovery of data from a damaged hard drive.

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Recovery of data from a damaged hard drive.

Post by editorawais » Jan 14, 2009 Views: 34360

[center]If u used any fragle hard drive and sudden it falls then your are plans and dreams thrashed? isnt it true?

but not now. you can repair your fallen hard disk easlil in few methods.

so try the following methods.

1. 1st methode.
2. attach your hard drive to pc and go to dos menu via any bootable cd e.g. Road starter boot cd or Hiren's boot cd
3. these Cds have a big number of recover softwares.
4. start your cd and select desired program and detect the hard drive in software.
5. now run the scan command on the hard drive and see how many files or directories it can recover which program u are using. i.e Lost and Found is also a great soft ware.
6. now select all files and select a destination to save in other hard driva and make its back up.
7. now you are safe. just thrash the diffected hard drive or sold it to any other. lolz.

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Post by ShirleyC190 » Mar 10, 2015

I did something really stupid. I just bought the DS412+ and while attempting to move files from an external drive to the hybrid raid I deleted a folder on the raid thinking that it was on the external drive. I immediately shut down the nas and began looking for an undelete solution but I haven't had any luck yet. I searched google and tried some free recovery tool, H-Data Recovery is the best.

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Post by shui » Apr 24, 2015

H-Data Recovery Master is not bad. I tried a lot of recovery tool, only H-Data Recover 95% of my lost files

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Post by gondal00744 » May 01, 2015

Yes i need it ! thanks for sharing

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Re: Recovery of data from a damaged hard drive.

Post by JessieBane » Apr 21, 2022

I would recommend you to contact a specialist, this may be due to damage to the hard drive.

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