Naqaab banned by western coutnries....Mind opener

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Post by kajnh » Oct 26, 2009 Views: 3239

paranormal wrote:instead of doing all good things in the world god payed attention to the stupid comment made by france president sarcossy and killed innocent people via swine flu? is that u wana say? still u call him merciful? it means god listen to stupid people only! right? Respect every human on earth! even u are not doing the right thing. get a life folks!!!
paranormal ! Read Carefully first and than reply, you are changing the topic of Post .. This post is only showing how sarkozay and his campanions are band Veil in their countries and now because of Swine Flu all the world is wearing A Kind of "Veil" .. this is the only massege from this post ,, so dont try to twist the topic and don't try to move it on any religious issues .. Our GOD (ALLAH) is Merciful Always and may be your GOD also in which you believe ... as per your believe .. This is a Serious Warning, Notice To you to Dont Say anything again for our GOD (ALLAH)

Let me clear one more thing ! GOD is listening to everyone even stupid or genius, so keep this Theory that "GOD listen to stupid people only" to your mind only

and i hope I will not find any religious offensive comments from your side again.
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