Kodinhi - The Village of Twins

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Kodinhi - The Village of Twins

Post by awais » Jul 25, 2010 Views: 4452

Kodinhi - The Village of Twins

With 250 registered pairs of twins, the Indian village of Kodinhi, in Kerala,
has six times more twins born than the world average.

Dr. Krishnan Sribiju has been studying the odd twin phenomenon in
Kodhini, for the last six years and says that although 250 pairs have been
registered, there may be up to 300-350 sets of twins. Villagers say an
unusually high number of twins started being born three generations ago,
and it’s been rising ever since.

Because the twins don’t present any deformities, Dr. Sribiju says the twin
phenomenon isn’t caused by some pollutant, but by something the
villagers of Kodinhi eat and drink. If that proves to be true, this magic
element could turn into the next treatment for infertile couples.

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Post by Rizwan » Jul 25, 2010

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