Jodha Akbar songs Mp3 download

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Jodha Akbar songs Mp3 download

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JODHA AKBAR: Hindi Movie Review Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, Khulbhushan Karbhanda, Illa Arun, Punam Sinha. Direction: Ashutosh Gowarikar.

225 minutes of cinema can be laborious. It invariably is. Unless it is Gone with the Wind or a classic of that level. Jodha Akbar is not. Also the script is not such a happening place that you find a great challenge. Resultantly you get to see reels and reels of classic self indulgence. Classy, glossy but too long and purposeless. For instance to establish that Jodha can wield the sword, you have to witness a full five minute event. Examples are aplenty where a crisp scissor would have done the film a world of good.

While it is one thing to say that the Indian audience does not take to historicals very openly, it must also be said that our film makers do not do great justice to the filed. Ashutosh is not K.Asif. Start here.

We need not look at the credibility of the tale. You may read when absent the clichéd statutory clearance that the story bares no resemblance to any person-dead or alive and such resemblance is purely coincidental.

After all as the old song goes: Sikander ne Porus se ki thi ladai to mein kya karoon? The film will thus have to be evaluated on its merits not on its historic accuracy.

The tale is simple Jalaluddin (Hrithik) sees war and bloodshed for his early years and grows up in the midst of war deception, intrigue and hate. Yet he is a statesman. As part of his diplomatic exercise he agrees to marry a Rajput Princess Jodha (Aishwarya Rai). Jodha back home is unhappy of her brother Sujammal ( Sonu Sood) not being appointed the heir apparent and Jallaluddin is unhappy with his brother in law Mirza Sarif ud din ( Nikitin Dheer).

Akbar is supported by is aunt Mahan Anga (Ila Arun) who helps him plan and strategise while his mother (Punam Sinha) is the understanding person who is there always .. Initially Jodha refuses to marry Jalaluddin, but later gives in. she makes certain demands which are accepted by the Emperor in making. We get to see a few administrative initiatives taken by Akbar and how the two overcome certain hiccups of their relationship built in the context of the times they lived in and the challenges they were required to face.
Most of the cast is adequate but they all suffer from lack of space. Like in a stage play they come when called upon deliver their lines and leave. They do not often constitute a continuous part of a narration and this is largely because the film maker picks a few incidents and delves with them rather than take a course and tell what is happening on route.
Despite this and a lot more Ashutosh manages to keep the attention of the viewer and this is a huge task and he must be complimented for this. Most of the actors perform well. Special mention be made of Illa Arun a powerful performance with a lot of subtlety, Punam Sinha makes her presence felt. The script however revolves round the principle characters.
Aishwarya as Jodha has a new experimental look- no Kajal and all and sure delivers. She still is no great performer but the Director gets the best out of her. As the reigning queen at the b.o. it is understandable that Directors go to her with such great roles. She is adequate. She does not over do or disappoint. Hrithik proves yet again that he can seep into any role and deliver not just with credibility but with amazing sincerity.

A far cry from Prithivi Raj Kapoor as Akbar- he gives it a new dimension and how ever contemporary the image, he strives to give it the regal touch and does it with aplomb. While the songs are fine, some where you distinctly miss the Urdu of a Rafi Saab The film is sure worth watching- if you have the time and the patience.

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Re: Jodha Akbar songs Mp3 download

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Mazing Information by you ar2st.

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