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Post by shalin_99 » Apr 21, 2009 Views: 422157

waiting for the sig change

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Post by lovedesire » Apr 21, 2009

If we click Celebrities Xposed the first few pages if you watch carefully there are only few topics which are viewed more then 300 times. It seems vieweres watching this site have lost there interest.

To do better add one more heading in the category i.e. Bikni babes/glamour members who are interested in posting/viewing such type of stuff can post/view the same under the above mentioned category.

However one who is interested in Celebrities coloumn will opt for the same, this will save lot of time of the viewers.

One will be only clicking the category he prefers :

Add one more button in addition to postreply i.e. abuse/vulgar.

Members who feel a particular post is vulgar/abuse can just click it and the message should automatically flash to the moderators/admin & to the member who has posted the particular post. (Here you can hide members id. who is reporting that the post is abused/vulgar).
Just by cliking a button lot of time will be saved because currently the members have to send a pm to moderators/admin for the same.

Sugar/Salt/Sour/Chilly are part of day to day life.
What one like others may not like.
Life comes once only:
No retake/replay/rewind/once-more.
One should enjoy it, be happy & keep happy others too.

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Asif Javed
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Post by Asif Javed » Apr 21, 2009


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Post by ujala » Apr 21, 2009

Bucket of thanks admin ji .............

really happy 2 c this new path .............

Thanks Again

i promise i ll full participate 2 make this forum as a Family Home

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Post by moonjee06 » Apr 21, 2009

ok boss

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Post by sheeza » Apr 21, 2009

good step admin, sounds all the members happy now.
Sheeza Khan, Lahore

Love or Hate me
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Post by Love or Hate me » Apr 21, 2009

I am Totaly Agree Wid AR These are Possible Steps

Plz Admin do Something in Dis Way

Love or Hate me

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Post by DarkMjM » Apr 21, 2009

Rules are made to be broken ;) hehe

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Post by RituRaj » Apr 21, 2009

I am HAPPY :(

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Post by admin » Apr 21, 2009

DarkMjM wrote:Rules are made to be broken ;) hehe
totally agree
and the ones who break the rules get punished :P
RituRaj wrote:I am HAPPY :(
so you and unhappy happy

first - bikinis are deprecated so creating a category for this purpose is also :(
you have a very great suggestion about reporting button....
Its in my ToDo list now and sure my ToDo list some times gets smart and some times gets fats when it eats a lot ;)
You will see it implemented very soon

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