For all smokers

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For all smokers

Post by [email protected] » Jun 30, 2008 Views: 6193

Smoker's Pride Neighbors Deride
------------ --------- --------- --

Cigarette in my hand...I feel like a man...
It gives me the confidence.. .that "I can"...

You don't agree...?? wait till I show you...
Its importance - then you won't argue...

I need it with my breakfast toast...
To supply me the vitamins I need the most...

I need it when I enter my work-place.. .
To give me the energy to match the pace...

I need it after my lunch...
To increase the digestion after the munch...

I need it in my coffee break...
And that's just for keeping me ! awake...

I need it with my evening snacks...
To lift my verve when it sags...

I need it when I leave for the day...
to relax after the tortuous play...

I need it when I move around with friends...
to get the "kick" and feel the trends...

I need it after my dinner...
To adieu my day as a winner.

On my way to glory...

I overlook the statutory warning written on the pack...
For my valor - I should be given a pat on my back.

I feed gallons of smoke to my neighbor...
Can anyone else boast of such a favor ??

An apple a day keeps the doctors away...
The doctors then,won't have any say.
I keep the doctors busy n working...
The apple would have left them sulking.

I contribute heavily in the government's revenues...
which help them venture the different avenues...

And you want me to quit smoking ??
I am sure you must be joking.

I am happy the way I am.
I'm no saint up above the hills.
And if at all I decide to quit...
What'll happen to the company called WILLS ??

WARNING: Cigarette smoking KILLS

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Post by chandoo » Jun 30, 2008

thanks for dedication.

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Post by Genial.Soul » Jun 30, 2008

nice lines

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Post by nagesh994u » Oct 10, 2008

the thing is just be yourself

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Post by Rest_In_ peace » Sep 05, 2013

aFter ReadiNG This I neED My SMoke..

WheRe Did I LEfT THem ...


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