Can You Justify this Act As Right ?

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Can You Justify this Act As Right ?

Post by Astir » Feb 17, 2011 Views: 1755

Pakistani girl films grisly murder of her lover
IANS India Private LimitedBy Indo Asian News Service | IANS – Wed, Feb 16, 2011 2:01 PM IST

Islamabad, Feb 16 (IANS) A jilted Pakistani girl, who orchestrated the murder of her 20-year-old lover, had filmed the gruesome act on her mobile phone as two of her associates hacked his body into pieces after stabbing him to death, police said.

Fresh evidence shows that Kamran's murder was more gruesome than previously thought.

Seventeen-year-old Maira Maryam claimed that Kamran had trapped her in love to fulfil his sexual appetite and later dumped her. But when he began offering her to his friends, she could not tolerate it and decided to kill him.

Investigators told the Express Tribune that pictures of Kamran's dismembered body were found on her mobile phone and in the laptop of one of the suspects, Umair Ali Khan.

'The pictures show Umair chopping off Kamran's hands after stabbing him to death,' said a police official.

It was unclear why they had captured the evidence on camera. Police suspect that the girl's anger may have clouded her judgment.

Maryam managed to win the sympathy of Umair, a cousin of Kamran, and planned the murder together.

She bought two bullets and was looking for a pistol, but Umair convinced her to let him kill Kamran, police said.

On Dec 20 last year, Umair, along with Muhammad Lateef and Hasnat, called the victim to a spot near Shakarparian in Islamabad, tempting him with a girl.

Hasnat stood watch outside, while Umair and Lateef took him into a forest and killed him.

Maira, who was already there, took pictures of the gruesome act.

They were arrested Feb 10 after Kamran's phone calls traced the police to them.

Police could not find the victim's jacket and shoes from the site. But the boy's family had been informed about the murder.

'The suspects confessed to bringing knives and choppers in a bag which suggests they had planned to dispose of the body with the help of these tools,' said a police official.

Police are still searching for Kamran's body while his family anxiously waits for his burial.

'They are shifting the blame of disposing the body on each other. They are not revealing the location where they dumped his remains,' said a police official.

After dumping his body, the suspects uploaded the images on Umair's laptop.

On Monday, Umair tried to commit suicide at the Aabpara Police Station by hanging himself from the ceiling of the lockup with a rope but an official intervened on time.
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Post by ujala » Feb 17, 2011

Oh My ..............its all about so sad ,....yes now days these type of act Ratio is very high .....its sad to know all that incidents

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Post by MIM » Feb 18, 2011

Buray kaam ka bura nateeja!!!!! Allah hamaiN apnay Deen par chalnay ki toufeeq daiN (Aameen)

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Post by mir55 » Feb 18, 2011

This type of incident occurrence, when young generation follow western culture.
Alamman to all of us.

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Post by being lonely » Feb 18, 2011

@mirr55......very right
Mai ap apni moat ki tyaarion mai hon..!!!
Meray khilaaf apki Saazish fazool hai..!!!

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Post by arslan » Feb 19, 2011

also m agreed
"I haven't stop loving you,
it's just my heart has learned to live
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