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Special Lahori Gol Gappay

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PostPosted: Aug 19, 2009   Topic Views : 23510   Post subject: Special Lahori Gol Gappay Reply with quote


- 1 Cup White Flour (maida)
- 1/2 Cup Sujji (semolina)
- the Dip:
- red Chili Powder To Taste.
- 1/2 Bunch Fresh Mint Leaves
- 1 Heaped Tsp Zeera
- salt To Taste
- 1 Pinch Black Salt (kala Namak)
- 2 Glass Water
- 2-3 Green Chilies
- 1/2" Piece Fresh Ginger Or 1/4 Tsp Grinded.
- 1 Tbs Tamarind Paste
- 1/2 Tsp Ajwain


Mix the white flour and sujji and kneed into a hard dough. Flatten into a VERY thing sheet and cut into 2" diameter circles with a cookie cutter. Deep fry until golden.Grind all the ingredients for the dip together and strain. Keep the liquid that strains through. You can either have this dish plain or you can boil some chickpeas and potatoes and stuff them into the Gol Guppa. There are several other variations as well. You can add Imli chutney and yoghurt as well.

Special Lahori Gol Gappay

Special Lahori Gol Gappay

Special Lahori Gol Gappay
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Ultimate Contributor
Ultimate Contributor

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PostPosted: Aug 19, 2009     Post subject: Reply with quote

O wawooo yuummmyyy
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PostPosted: Aug 22, 2009     Post subject: Reply with quote

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