Nargis Fakhri's interest towards Pakistan

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Nargis Fakhri's interest towards Pakistan

Postby being lonely » Jun 03, 2015 Views: 3662

B-Town actress Nargis Fakhri has become one of the most recognized beauties in the media industry. She may have debuted in Hollywood action-comedy Spy, but the young actress doesn’t mind coming to Pakistan to connect with her roots.

“I am upset with my father for not teaching me Urdu,â€￾ joked Nargis..

“It is such a beautiful language,â€￾ added the star. After the death of her father, Nargis never got a chance to connect with her roots. “I have always had difficulty speaking in Urdu and always will because no one in my family or friends circle speaks it. But even though I may not speak it, I can understand it and I am glad to know I have learnt something.â€￾

The Mein Tera Hero star feels “unfortunateâ€￾ to never have been able to travel to Pakistan. “I don’t know anybody there after my father’s death because of which I never got the opportunity to go there,â€￾ she said.

Although she is not sure about working in Pakistan’s film industry, but if given the chance, this Bollywood beauty would love to come and gorge on the delicious Pakistani treats.

“I heard the food there is amazing and I’m a big foodie. I would definitely want to go there for a food journey maybe that will be a good thing,â€￾ she said excitedly.

For this star – who lived in America and works in India – the feeling of being an ‘outsider’ is all too familiar. “I don’t really think I’ve belonged anywhere. Since the time that I grew up, I didn’t have a place where I belonged,â€￾ said Nargis.

From the time she debuted in B-Town, she was labelled the ‘Pakistani actress making her debut in Bollywood’, after her Hollywood debut in Spy, tabloids labelled her the ‘Bollywood actress making her debut in Hollywood’. However, she doesn’t see any of this in a negative light.



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