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Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Features

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Ultimate Contributor
Ultimate Contributor

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PostPosted: Mar 04, 2013   Topic Views : 3776   Post subject: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Features Reply with quote

Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Features

Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Features

After building it for years, the wait for IE fans is over as the 10 version of the browser is coming to the biggest operating system in the world. This is a big news for the users of Windows 7 who make up over half of the computer world.

Internet Explorer 10 brings notable improvements including better JavaScript performance. It comes pre-installed with a built-in Adobe Flash Player. It also comes with spell-checking and auto-correct features and also the latest CSS3 improvements. It also focuses on making the battery life of mobile devices better by using the hardware more efficiently.

The UI is the same as that of Internet Explorer 9 and not of Windows 8. A preview version of the browser was already available since November. Internet Explorer 10 is also the default browser on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

It must however be noted that the large market-share of IE is primarily due to the fact that Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on most of the computers sold worldwide and does not necessarily mean a huge fan following or brand loyalty.
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PostPosted: Mar 06, 2013     Post subject: Reply with quote

Windows 8 brought a brand new task manager with tons of new features.
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Mar 07, 2013     Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for this post. I have updated from IE9 to IE10 now Smile
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Joined: 31 May 2013
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PostPosted: May 31, 2013     Post subject: Reply with quote

thankes for this updates
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Just Born
Just Born
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Joined: 13 Jul 2013
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PostPosted: Jul 13, 2013     Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: 07 Jul 2013
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PostPosted: Jul 19, 2013     Post subject: Reply with quote

Windows IE 10 is much better than previous
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Joined: 23 Aug 2013
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PostPosted: Aug 26, 2013     Post subject: Reply with quote

Go to Microsoft store and download it.
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