I Searched in My Heart and Found You

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I Searched in My Heart and Found You

Postby ayesha.rashid » Jun 19, 2012 Views: 5145

Precious things are always the hardest to find and valued things are always few, treasured things often are one of a kind--- that's why there's ONLY ONE YOU!

1.) wakeup
2.) miss you
3.) take a bath
4.) miss you
5.) eat
6.) miss you
7.) text
8.) miss you
9.) sleep
10.) miss you...
sigh! see? I always miss you.

you can never change the past nor control the future, but you can change the mood of the day by touching someone's PRIVATE PART.... THE... HEART!

how I wish to hear you say the words forever, how I dream that well always be together, how I wait for you to say we'll stay for a lifetime, how I love you loving me till the end of time.

all I ever wanted was someone to care for me. all I ever wanted was someone who would be there for me. all I ever wanted was someone who would be true. all I ever wanted was someone like you.

There are 4 stages in a relationship:
1. strangers
2. friends
3. sweethearts
4. marriage
before we were strangers, now we're friends, hoping 2 be sweethearts... hoping 2 marry you

If I have an "hrt" and put "ea" in it, then it would have a heart! If I put "u" in it, I would get hurt! but I'd rather have "u" and get hurt than have a heart without Ü!

Hearts could only love 4 a while... feet could only walk some mile... clothes won't 4ever be in style... But my lips, 2 you will 4ever SMILE!!

There's a reason why the tree's tall. A reason why the snow falls. A reason why the sky's bright. A reason why the moon glows. A reason why the wind blows. A reason why it's dark at night. But I don't know why I feel like this. Who could be my reason?

I opened my wallet and found it empty, I reached in my pocket and found a few coins, I searched in my heart and found you there then I felt like the richest person in the world

I close my eyes and the 1st thing that came to mind was your face. Images are not created on more thoughts alone but the real special ones are 4ever engraved in the heart

If kisses were water, I'd give you the sea. If hugs were leaves, I'd give you a tree. If spaces were love, I'd give you eternity. And if you're true and sincere 2 me. I'll keep all my love 4 thee

When you were running after the person you love, you were 2 busy 2 notice me running after you. don't mind me but when you stumble and fall, take my hand and let me be the one 2 help you get up again...

If you say run, I'll run 2 the longest road. If you say swim, I'll swim 2 the deepest sea. If you say fly, I'll fly at the highest sky, but if you say go on, I will not go, I'll never leave you

When everything seems 2 be unfair, when all that you do is not appreciated, I'll take your hand, wipe away your tears & whisper that I'll always be here...

Sad: since the day you said goodbye, I've been counting the days when hopefully you'll be back in my arms again, but something scares me, coz I might be counting 4 the rest of my life...

I --- you! I know you --- me 2! What I'm trying 2 say is.... I mean... huh! I... am... I'm lost 4 words coz I don't know how 2 say "I MISS YOU" in the sweetest way. I Love You!

I heard someone whisper your name 2day, but when I turned around 2 see who it was, I noticed I was alone. That's when I realized that it was my heart telling me how much I miss you!

When I miss my dog, I go 2 a pet shop. When I miss dancing, I put up some music. When I miss a mass, I pray. But when I miss you, I just feel my heart coz that's where you are!

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Postby dua » Jun 20, 2012

very nice

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Postby Rizwan » Jun 20, 2012

huge post unable to read
Love Is Just A Word,
Until Someone Comes Alone,
And Gives It Meaning.

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Postby tinkumalpane » Jul 19, 2012

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Postby AndRoiDeR » Jul 19, 2012

Nice Sharing

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