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How to date an Aries Male : March 21-April 20

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PostPosted: Feb 25, 2009   Topic Views : 4616   Post subject: How to date an Aries Male : March 21-April 20 Reply with quote

How to date an Aries Male
March 21-April 20

If you are dating an Aries male, allow him to decide where to go and what to

do. Let him know that you have never dated a man with such confidence and
brains. You can be the dumb blonde with this guy, he'll save you. If you are

out with him and you flirt with someone else, be prepared to call a cab to
get home. Aries males do like skin , therefore, you could win
him back. It will not work a second time. He can argue with you, and when
you think you have won, he will still do it his way. He wants to chase you,
so let him do the calling and guesswork. Don't tell him you love him, until
he proposes. To catch this hot-blooded Aries man, give the Ram his head and
follow his lead. Everything is an adventure for an Aries male, including
marriage. Rest up!
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