How to be in shape

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How to be in shape

Postby being lonely » Dec 17, 2015 Views: 3799

[i]Winter season brings a wind of laziness with it. Everyone prefers to stay at home, wrapped up in warm blankets and enjoy winter delicacies. Witch often includes fattening food, and leads us to;
Extra Calories + No activity = Weight gain


Keep a good watch on what you eat. French fries, popcorns, fried fish, Kashmiri tea and Saag with butter are winters absolute favorites. And big weight gainers too. So limit your diet to baked or smoked fish, green tea or Qaiwa and completely cut down on potatoes and fizzy drinks in winters. Watch your carbohydrates intake and enjoy whole wheat bread.

Keep a scale in your bathroom and weight yourself every morning to make sure your weight is under control.

Go for a walk every morning for about half an hour or so to keep yourself active and those calories burning.

Go out during the day and enjoy that lovely sunshine. Engage yourself in gardening, playing an outdoor sport, doing something creative or even reading a book.


Fix a suitable time for yourself to work out to burn those extra calories so that you could keep those extra pounds off in the winters. Don’t let anything, your meal, your sleep, your laziness get in the way at that time.


Do you have any idea how much extra pounds we put on by allowing ourselves to between meals snacks? It’s alright to help yourself to some snacks on special occasions, but you should learn how to say strict “NOâ€￾ to snacks at home.

Nobody can say “good nightâ€￾ without enjoying a good cup of hot beverage in the evening. This is usually a steaming cup of milk tea, coffee and sometimes even worse hot cocoa. Replace it with green tea with a squeeze of lemon in it. Green tea with lemon will help you burn off those extra pounds at that retiring time.

Be persistent with your winter routine. Don’t let any laziness drag you behind. Now that you have learned how to keep those extra pounds off in the winters. I think, it’s time that you take charge of your body weight.

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Postby deviswolowitz » Jan 11, 2016

My Diet Plan :
1. Drink Water, Especially Before Meals
2. Eat Eggs For Breakfast
3. Drink Coffee (Preferably Black)
4. Drink Green Tea
5. Cook With Coconut Oil
6. Take a Glucomannan Supplement
7. Cut Back on Added Sugar
8. Eat Less Refined Carbs
9. Go on a Low Carb Diet
10. Exercise Portion Control or Count Calories
11. Do Aerobic Exercise
12. Eat More Vegetables and Fruits
13. Get Good Sleep
14. Don’t Drink Calories, Including Sugary Soda and Fruit Juices

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Hi Devis

Postby amyycooper899 » Jan 20, 2016

I like your diet plan add exercise like cycling very beneficial for health and fitness.

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Postby samnthayoung » Mar 04, 2016

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Anderson Rome
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Postby Anderson Rome » Mar 12, 2016

Nice tips to be in shape. I think everyone should focus on these wonderful tips that you shared in this thread to maintain fitness and for getting into shape. Keep sharing useful information.

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Postby shobhituva » Jun 14, 2016

I feel too cold during normal winters.. It's not possible for me to leave out my quilt to walk in the morning...

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