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Handmade Alphabetic Pillows

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Ultimate Contributor

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PostPosted: Dec 22, 2015   Topic Views : 8617   Post subject: Handmade Alphabetic Pillows Reply with quote

Many folks like homemade decorations because they are different, unique and innovative. Nowadays homespun pillows are quite in. You can easily get different shaped pillows from market but alphabetic pillows are an erratic yet trendy thing hence not very common in marketplaces but can be made at home. You can beautify your drawing rooms, living rooms as well as be bed rooms with pillows so all those who do not know how to make them can give a read to this article which assist you to explore how to make alphabetic pillows or alphabet shaped pillows at home.

Required Stuff
Sewing Machine
Fabric (color of your own choice)

Step by Step Instruction
1) Take a cardboard, a ruler and draw the desired alphabet twice. Cut the pieces with scissors or cutter.

2) Now take a fabric and lay the alphabetic shaped cardboard piece on it and trace its pattern with chalk or marker and after that cut out two pieces at the same time.

3) Put the piece together and sew all the sides except one of it with needle or sewing machine. Sewing Machine is a better option as if confers you with long lasting results. One side is left open for the filling.

4) Stuff the fabric with fibrefill and then sew the open side with needle and thread.
5) To mete out the filling uniformly fuzz the pillow and you are completed!

Handmade Alphabetic Pillows

Handmade Alphabetic Pillows

Handmade Alphabetic Pillows

Handmade Alphabetic Pillows
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PostPosted: Mar 21, 2016     Post subject: Reply with quote

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Just Born
Just Born
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PostPosted: Apr 01, 2016     Post subject: homemade decorations Reply with quote

I must appreciate you for posting such an innovative thing on this thread. Even I like homemade decorations, because I think it enhance my inner art skills and encourage me to do a few more handmade innovative things for homes. Before few days at my nephew's school, there was an art competition, wherein I helped her to make alphabetical pillows. We tried following all the steps given by you and got Succeed in the final step. The school has also uploaded pictures of the Homemade decoration event on
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