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Postby admin » Apr 22, 2009

Love or Hate me wrote:I am Totaly Agree Wid AR These are Possible Steps

Plz Admin do Something in Dis Way

Love or Hate me

which possible steps?

Love or Hate me
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Postby Love or Hate me » Apr 22, 2009

Very good suggestions are given By Lovedesire

If we click Celebrities Xposed the first few pages if you watch carefully there are only few topics which are viewed more then 300 times. It seems vieweres watching this site have lost there interest.

It seems maxim users are viewing dis thread also maxim members are willing to posts in this thread if we check not only few aprox 25% of posts are below viewing 300 times d reason is maxim posts are posting by us in dis thread so if we create different category it can solve our Two Problems in single step

1. Glamour or Hot Posts (One will be only clicking the category he prefers)
2. All post can viewable (maxim post are not viewable bcz of many number of posts are in single thread)

Now as Per Lovedesire says

We can also Add one more button in addition to postreply i.e. abuse/vulgar.

This is a good way bcz we cant judge posts are they vulgar or not.What is d meaning of dis heading

(Hollywood, Bollywood Gossips - Celebrities Xposed)

And Hollywood celebrities and English magazine scans and photo Shoot are hot Shots maxim time.

So if we add abuse/vulgar. Dis button then we can judge about posts because we have not any parameter to judge about post are they hot or vulgar?

Theses are sum suggestions or Steps

Love or Hate me

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Postby amiz » Jul 08, 2009

gud job brthr.............

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Postby diviner » Aug 08, 2009

good to read this section . these guidelines surely can make d environment
cool . glad i read this


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Postby sauravfun » Oct 14, 2009

thanks a lot

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Postby bebo » Feb 24, 2010

welldon admin

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Postby James.Striker » Feb 24, 2010

thanx Admin.aap ne pehle hi bata diya.nice job

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Postby leema » Aug 05, 2010

it's very useful!!!!!!!!!

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Postby SMSTonight » Jun 14, 2012

Hmm, Kick To spammers.

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