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Floating Fountains, Osaka - Japan

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Ultimate Contributor
Ultimate Contributor

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PostPosted: Jul 28, 2010   Topic Views : 12364   Post subject: Floating Fountains, Osaka - Japan Reply with quote

Floating Fountains, Osaka - Japan

Floating Fountains” is Isamu Noguchi last work for the world expo in Osaka, japan. Noguchi took this water tap illusion one step further and developed nine “floating” fountains for the World Expo in Osaka, Japan. Incredible fountains that looks like they are flying.

Floating Fountains Osaka  Japan

Floating Fountains Osaka  Japan
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Ultimate Contributor
Ultimate Contributor

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PostPosted: Jul 29, 2010     Post subject: Reply with quote

its amazing
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Ultimate Contributor
Ultimate Contributor

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PostPosted: Jul 29, 2010     Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes its flying fountain
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