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Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

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PostPosted: Jun 11, 2013   Topic Views : 1474   Post subject: Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013 Reply with quote

Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

You can only understand this if you are a gamer and can wake up all night to see what happens next in the game. With the advent of several notebooks and laptops companies in the market, they have taken gaming to the next level.

Now gaming is portable with the brand new heavily loaded laptops by several renowned laptop companies in the market yet they cannot take the place of the desktop PCs. Keeping the Xbox and PS3 apart, the really crazy fans of gaming now want gaming machines to be loaded with multi core processors and big graphics cards.

Laptops are there by but they can not help you play the real games which require huge graphic cards. I still remember how anxiously I waited for the third par of God of war and how crazily I ended the game in two nights. The story of games doesn’t let you just sit and wait. Coming on to the topic, here is a list of the top 10 best gaming desktop computers to buy in 2013.

10. Dell XPS 8500

Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

If you want to have a budget desktop then Dell is good for you. Although Dell XPS 8500 is a mid range gaming machine yet it gives a mediocre gamer all what he needs. It has a high end Raedon 3d card and an Ivy core i7 processor giving you the best experience. The price you pay for this machine, it surely is the best.

9. Falcon Northwest Tiki

Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

From its granite base and up till its hi-fi Blue Ray disk drive the machine is loaded with amazing gadgets and multi-core mini processors enhancing the gaming experience of the gamers. And if you want a stylish PC you surely have to pay for it high. This system from Falcon is 9th best gaming computer of 2013.

8. iBuypower Revolt R770

Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

iBuy Power comes with a small package with high performance parts and a medium price. It woos the gamers for its price and for its competing features with the gaming consoles. Keep the price low and put the features high; that is the success story of this desktop.

7. HP Envy Phoenix h9-1420t

Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

You have to pay 1100 dollars for the machine. And I assure you that it might not be a stylish machine but it surely will deliver a stellar gaming performance. Try it and it would not let you down. It is world’s 7th best PC for gaming purpose this year.

6. Maingear F131 Super Stock

Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

Beating all of the other SFF systems in the market Maingear F131 takes the lead. Although you have to pay a lot for the machine yet its multi-drives and dual graphics and in a small chassis is surely worth it. F131 comes for 2,134 dollars.

5. Alienware X51

Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

In best brands of gaming laptops, Alienware stands at top because it comes up high performing laptops and same is the case with desktop computers. If you want a machine with unique looks, you should know that Alienware should be your choice. The machine comes only for 800 dollars. Those who want a console kind of PC neglecting upgrading and ultimate performance I would suggest to go for X51 by Alienware.

4. MaxForce Revolution 2600K

Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

The Revolution 2600K is actually a revolution in the gaming desktops. The ultimate high end gaming experience is the output review of this machine as tested by the expert gamers. And the price is totally affordable for all.

3. Primordial Gryphon

Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

Considering the design, stunning performance and the craftsmanship, Primordial Gryphon delivers all of them in a beautiful way. Although the price is a bit too high but the, you have to pay high for gaming isn’t it?

2. Maingear Potenza (Core i7-3770K)

Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

The best thing about Maingear’s Potenza is its sleek design and top-tier graphics card. More over the mother board comes with core i7 multicore mini processors which are also over clocked by the company by default. It also has 2 fans to keep the system cool and steady. All gamers know the side effects of over clocking. Yet the machine comes for $2,099.

1. Origin PC Genesis (2012 Version)

Best Gaming Computers To Buy in 2013

If you want to reach the absolute gaming level and wish to have the best gaming experience ever in your life the new Genesis is the best option for you in the market. Its price is $7,149 and that might be stratospheric but it is not as much as its high-end performance. Most of the users of this gaming computer are satisfied with the performance of this system.
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